‘Chick flicks’ and My Career

Indulge me for a moment, let’s have a little fun food friends.

Starting FoodGrads has been exciting, exhilarating and so busy!  We have been to meetings, networking events and basically absorbing everything we can, any way we can.  It’s easy to get side tracked and listen to the ‘noise’ – with that said—Juliette and I are committed to staying true to why we started this in the first place.

We saw a gap where students and grads were not getting enough guidance and support and we knew we could fill that gap because of our experience in the food industry, our age—older Millennials who have done the marriage, babies, career, travel (and for Juliette) adventure biking, racing , ballet dancing thing for longer—and we have a bias for thinking outside the box.

I read more books nowadays, but I love movies and I am one of those people who can watch the same movie over and over depending on my mood.  So if you are feeling a little frazzled right now studying or thinking ahead to finding a job, using some of the best ‘chick flicks’ (sorry gents) I know, here’s some advice I’d love to share: 

Under the Tuscan Sun – I never thought about becoming a recruiter, upon arriving in Canada the recruitment world sort of found me.  That said, I’ve never looked back.  One role, company, person led me to the next.  Stay close with good people you meet at work, you’ll know who they are (incidentally, I met Juliette-FoodGrads Co-Founder in my first job in 2002).  There will be bumps, surprises, ridiculous highs and lows, but it really is a journey to learn from and keep your chin up.

Takeaway:  You can set goals, expectations and intentions.  You might keep them to yourself or shout them from the highest rooftop.  You might think you are not achieving your goals and not getting anything you set out to for—life sucks—but all of a sudden, you wake up one day and realize you have exactly what you asked for (it may just look a little different to your initial plan) .

Eric Brockovich – Until my time at Ian Martin (the 4th company I worked for) I never really felt fulfilled.  I liked my career path in recruitment—most of the time—but it was predominately about the money.   Then I focused in recruiting for the food industry exclusively and something clicked.  For the first time, I really cared about the people and the industry in general (I had two kids by now so priorities changed) I felt a light went on inside of me, it was no longer all about the money (and the funny thing is, my salary increased!)

Takeaway: Passion and purpose are huge motivators and will drive you every day.  Good things happen when you set out to help other people.  Know the saying “when you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”, it’s true. 

Eat Pray Love – Food – Need I say more?  Good food is vital to our health and wellbeing, eating and drinking with friends makes us happy, we are social creatures.  For my niece, taking pictures of her dinner lets her friends know what she is up to and what they are missing!  Food is like another character in this movie and rightly so.

Takeaway:  Live in the moment and don’t worry about the future so much.  There have been challenging and stressful times throughout my career and I wish I had discovered yoga 20 years ago!  Breath, meditate and find your balance (by the way, balance includes enjoying chocolate and red wine….it just does).

Twilight – If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would go out by myself and start my own recruitment company I would never have believed them.  I am from a small family of zero business owners.   To have an idea and start a new business which honours me with the title ‘entrepreneur’ is mind blowing.

Takeaway: Have big dreams and don’t limit yourself.  There could be a whole other world out there you don’t even know about. Nothing is permanent and anything is possible if you want something bad enough.  Follow your heart and great things will happen.

I have to continue to remind myself of the these wonderful lessons, of course there will always be good days and bad ones whether you are studying, job searching  or settled into a role.  We all need ‘feel good flicks’ to find our balance, post yoga enjoying a glass of red!

Just for fun, what are your favourites and what message stayed with you? (Jerry McGuire is a given!)