Employers: Why FoodGrads may not be for you (1 of 2)

According to Dan Hawkes Co-Founder and Marketing Director at the consultancy firm Graduate Recruitment Bureau based in the UK, the biggest challenge for sourcing talent straight out of university is time and a lack of quality candidates.  So, his advice is to develop a graduate recruitment strategy, to be proactive as opposed to reactive if you truly want the best talent from the best universities.

The first point ‘time’.

Your company may already have graduate recruitment strategies in place.  Time is allocated to job fairs, setting up programs, events and workshops, these activities make sure you are in front of students and consequently graduates.    If you have hired graduates in the past that came from a specific university and they’ve worked out really well an option is to keep doing this.

You already know that this formula works—degree courses change, new courses are introduced, professor’s change—change is inevitable and it takes time to stay on top of all these changes but if you have a process that has generated positive results, why change it?  It will take time to develop and maintain a program but if you have a designated person or better still a human resources team, a graduate recruitment strategy for your company is time well spent.

We’ve always done it this way, it works….

Takeaway:  FoodGrads will promote your company culture, philosophy, product and mission to a captured audience of food educated professionals from every known food program across a huge variety of institutions (Canada, US and overseas). While you free up time finding students and recent graduates you will have to allocate time to look at candidates from universities you may not be familiar with who have completed programs that you have never considered before.  Might this be a good thing?

When a student or food educated graduate finds you directly the chances are they have a very specific interest in your organization.  Your product, service or brand has caught their attention and if they are interested others are too.  Interestingly a study polling 15,000 millennials found ‘Friends’ showed up as the number one way Millennials hear about companies so it’s important to make sure you are getting the right message out there through your targeted marketing efforts particularly when culture, philosophy and company mission are concerned as these seem to be the areas that are most important to millennials.

Takeaway:  If you are doing a great job of attracting students and recent graduates to your organization because of your culture, philosophy and company mission, you don’t need FoodGrads.com.

The question is, are you?