Employers: Why FoodGrads may not be for you (2 of 2)

Dan Hawkes at the consultancy firm Graduate Recruitment Bureau through his research stated, the biggest challenge for sourcing talent straight out of university is time and a lack of quality candidates.  In our previous post we looked at the time issue, now let’s look at the lack of quality candidates.

There’s no doubt that we need to encourage more teens to pursue a career in food. This is a huge part of our mission, to attract more people to this sector.  But where do you find food educated students and grads?  For example, a platform like LinkedIn has thousands of quality professionals looking for opportunities—students/new graduates to retirees and everyone in between—so finding quality candidates isn’t the issue, we know where they are.  On LinkedIn there is an awesome group specifically for ‘Students and Recent Grads’ so that narrows down the search.  The time consuming part is weeding through their profiles.  Filtering who has the qualifications you are looking for.  This group is for ALL students and new grads not just those with food credentials.  It takes time and money especially if you want to upgrade your search capabilities but quality graduates are out there.

Placing your ad on traditional job boards will always attract attention and tons of applicants.  An alternative is a targeted campaign to all of the universities, colleges and associations with students in food related programs, this will guarantee you are getting in front of all the best possible candidates to increase your chances of hiring the talent your organization needs.  Facebook, Twitter etc. are where millennials spend their time so advertising on social media is a given.  Again, the time consuming part is weeding through applications—figuring out who’s the best fit for your needs.  Also ‘lack of quality candidates’ is very subjective.  Is it that they lack the education or career objectives that are in line with your objectives?  They are good, just not good for you?  Then your marketing initiatives may have to broaden.  Perhaps it’s a candidate from the UK who has the most up to date education or training that would meet your company objectives?  Whatever the case, quality students and new graduates—with food credentials—exist but you do need to know where to find them.

Identifying which candidate to hire is the challenge.  New graduates have limited work experience—or none at all—so you pretty much have to make that call, based on gut instinct and a one page resume.  FoodGrads will not be showcasing the students and graduates in the traditional way, meaning the resume is not going to be front and centre.  The ‘person’ not the ‘resume’ is the focus—their strengths, passions, environment preferences, career goals, etc. will be at the forefront.  This is a new on-line community, the first of its kind, to bridge the gap between recent graduates and employers in the food sector, a place for forward thinking, new generation food sector professionals to network.  Food education is not as popular as some other vocations (we’re working on that).  We need employers to think differently when searching for graduate candidates, so this FREE on-line service might not be for everyone.

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