Food industry: If you don’t make some of these changes you WILL be out of business!

By the year 2020 it’s estimated that half the workforce will be made up of millennials.  It’s time to start caring about what they care about when it comes to work, or you will be left out in the cold–they won’t choose you, they’ll choose your competitor who got with the program!

We know that the food industry faces challenges in recruitment.  Skills shortages and not enough people pursing a career in food makes finding talent hard enough, but if you are not prepared to make your organization appealing, you will be left behind. Now is not the time to say “We’ve always done things this way!”, that mindset is outdated and quite frankly it’s organizational suicide.

It’s an exciting time for food. With innovation and technological advances the industry has never been more compelling but does your organization reflect this? If not, you need to make some changes;

10 changes you can make in the workplace to appeal to Millennials:

  1. Flexible hours (I understand a role within a plant/processing facility has it’s limitations)
  2. Shared vision / pride to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  3. Keep them inspired with new ideas/products-provide feedback
  4. Philanthropy / People are more important than profits!
  5. Unlimited time off as opposed to strict vacation policy (so crazy it actually works!)
  6. Offices / Work space
  7. Less Hierarchy more keeping them involved and part of solution
  8. Leadership opportunity / need to feel nurtured.
  9. Raised on Praise-they are driven by recognition.
  10. Training and development / they want coaching not to be micromanaged.

Most of these ideas will not actually affect your bottom line drastically, they will however attract talent that will increase productivity and profits as well as encourage people to stay with your organization–instead of looking for something better.

Surprisingly money is low on the list of reasons why people leave an organization, of course you need to be fair and make sure your employees feel valued–be sure you are paying them within the average salary range for their particular role. (Glassdoor make this information available for everyone to see!)

Even addressing some of these changes will be a step in the right direction–I can’t stress enough–if you don’t make changes now to appeal more to Millennials, your business will be a thing of the past!

Have you made some positive changes that you would like to share?  Do you have any comments or suggestions?  We would love to hear from you.