FoodGrads – Why you are important! By Wayne Slater – Food Traceability for Dummies

When I first found out about FoodGrads, and its mission; one thought came to mind…”Finally”.

But first a little background… I work for Carlisle Technology located in Burlington, ON.  For over 30 years Carlisle has been a leading provider of data collection equipment and plant floor solutions with an emphasis on traceability for the food industry. As the Director of Sales and Marketing, I am privileged to get to meet owners and executives for food companies large and small around North America.  Many of their companies are members of organizations that are made up of “like” companies such as: NAMI (North American Meat Institute) or more regional ones such as OIMP (Ontario Independent Meat Processors).  Their mission is quite noble. In NAMI’s case, their mission statement is

To be a catalyst for continuous innovation and improvement; a strong advocate for the meat and poultry community before consumers, policymakers and media; and a vehicle for members of all sizes to develop positive, constructive and long lasting relationships.”

So what does that mean? Well, as a collective they try and tackle some of the challenges facing the meat industry as a whole – aka. Strength in numbers.  I have been attending these meetings for the past 3 years, during these meetings a single topic has been highlighted as one of the top 3 challenges facing meat companies today. That topic is: “How do I source and retain good employees.” It’s on ongoing challenge due to some of the industry economics and the more important fact that promoting quality careers in the food industry just seems to be lost on many high-school guidance counselors.  Sad but true.

Food Grads GraduatesThat’s why when I first heard about FoodGrads, I said to myself, now here’s an organization addressing the real needs of an industry.  Companies in an industry looking for good people and good people looking for good jobs.

I look forward to contributing regularly to this blog and wish everyone in the FoodGrads ecosystem much success!

Best wishes,


  • Nicole Gallace

    Thank you Wayne, we won’t let you down 🙂

    • Wayne

      Thanks Nicole. Just by starting FoodGrads, you are adding value to the industry. So I thank you! 🙂