Job Searching Advice – Round Up

Today in South West Ontario it snowed. Yup, it snowed. In May.

So, being long past the point of putting on a brave face when confronted with cold weather (6 month long winters will do that do a person), I have confined myself to the house and instead created a round up of the best job search advice from some of my favorite career related websites for your reading pleasure.

I hope you find these resources useful.


Job Searching

Inspiration and motivation if you are a bit stuck in the job search process:

6 Game Changing Job Search Strategies – The Daily Muse

Great advice with some cool graphics:

Top 10 Mistakes You Might be Making with Your Job Search


Resume Writing

A concise but helpful video covering the basics:

How to Write a Great Cover Letter and Resume – Harvard Extension School Blog

An oldie but goody from Business Insider archives: 

How to Write the Perfect Resume – Business Insider

An excellent and in-depth resume 101 online workshop for absolute beginners:

How to Write a Great Resume – Workshop by RawResume


Interviewing Tips

About the dangers of going to an interview too rehearsed:

8 Interview Lines That Make You Sound Like A Robot – Glassdoor Blog

Group interviews are becoming increasingly popular – this article provides excellent advice to those who are facing what, for many, can be a scary prospect:

9 Nifty Nuggets for Nailing a Group Interview – Undercover Recruiter Blog

This article is a good one on linking skills from previous experiences (including but not limited to previous jobs) to the one you are currently interviewing for:

How to Describe Your Last Job in an Interview – Careerealism

A good basic guide, because you will be asked at least one of these:

10 questions you are sure to be asked in every interview – Workopolis


Salary Negotiations

Apparently women negotiate less than men and miss out as a result. This article also provides a link to specific advice for women who wish to negotiate their starting salary more effectively:

Glassdoor Blog’s Research on Salary Negotiations in US

Good general advice about approaching these somewhat difficult conversations:

How to Discuss Salary Requirements with a Hiring Manager – Careerealism


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Author: Juliette Prouse