Job Titles

Some professions just ‘sound’ better than others, regardless of the actual job functions involved.  How can we compete for young people to pursue careers in the Food Industry when other industries have professions/titles like “Genius” “Digital Prophet” and “The Resinator”

First impressions count, the reality is we live in a world where appearance, perception and thinking ‘outside the box’ attract attention.   Millennials are social and they love to share their experiences with friends, FACT!  Imagine they land a job, the first thing they do is Snapchat, Instagram or share on Facebook. Which announcement (accompanied by a ‘selfie’ …..naturally) will grab more attention and perhaps encourage their friends to look at the Food Industry?

“I’m working at Yummy Healthy Foods as a Packaging Technician”


“I’m ‘The Resinator’ at Yummy Healthy Foods #MyFoodJobRocks!

It’s time for all those ‘Chief Troublemakers’, ‘Heads of Global Trends and Futuring’ and ‘Chief Cheeleaders’ to throw on their pom poms and think differently.  The impending skills shortage is a real global issue and without collaborative action to address it, young people will pursue other options.

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