The Start of FoodGrads

Nicole and I met while working for a large North American recruitment firm in the early 2000’s and instantly bonded. We had both recently followed our partners to Canada from the UK and were working hard to establish our new lives here.

Since then, neither of us have strayed far from the field of recruiting. We’ve worked with seasoned professionals and students alike and we have both developed a passion for helping people successfully navigate their careers.

While I was studying for my MBA and working in student development, Nicole was building her reputation as the ‘go to’ recruiter for the food industry across Canada. She continually heard the same story from clients and candidates. Her clients had junior positions for new graduates from food related programs but no effective way to connect with them, and no intention of paying a fee to find a candidate with limited experience. At the same time, new graduates with vision, energy and great qualifications were looking to embark on their careers but were stalling at the first hurdle – “where do I go now?”.

Unfortunately, students and graduates are rarely included in the demographic that recruiters can place with their clients for a fee.  Campus Career Centres tell graduates to network in person and online using websites like LinkedIn, but how does a recent grad find their community with no professional network and minimal work experience?

Employers want a way of communicating with potential new hires, but how can they make the right hiring decision when all there is to go on is a resume with next to no work experience?  How do new grads highlight what they can bring to an employer when they have so few targeted opportunities to showcase themselves?

There was a gap for us to fill and the idea for FoodGrads was born.