What I Took Away from #CIFST18

The Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology (CIFST) Annual Conference wrapped up on Tuesday.  I thought it would be a good moment to share what I learnt there.

I was lucky to be able to represent Taste Your Future + FoodGrads alongside Nicole Gallace and Veronica Hislop as a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador.

Networking, interesting presentations, and amazing food made for a great day!

A Food Science Degree Does Not Have to Mean Lab Work or QA

Many professionals I met with a food science educational background have gone on to try out a variety of different areas. Experience in product development can complement a future job in technical sales nicely.

An interest in law and policy could be a good match for regulatory affairs.  You do not have to limit yourself to the bubble of your major – there are other opportunities out there!

There is Lots of Space for Non-Food Science Students

Not having a formal food science background does not mean that a food job won’t be a great fit for you. Everybody needs to eat, so there will always be opportunities related to food. I met people who studied business, biology, and forestry who have found their way into the food industry.

To merge your way in as a student, consider apprenticeships and co-ops! They can provide you with a great “taste” of the different food jobs!


There are so many people with a variety of experiences in the food industry – learn from them!

Maybe you’ll be intrigued by a new company’s work, or even a cool job opportunity. Another advantage of networking is that it pushes you to speak with professionals in a more casual setting. It can give you confidence for that next job fair or interview.

Universities and colleges often host job fairs, a free way to practise your networking skills.  Food really does bring people together!  Everyone at the conference seemed happy to be there and very passionate about food! As Veronica and I organized video interviews with different attendees, we were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm for the food industry. We were offered free samples, flavour pairing advice, and even job leads!

It was a lovely way for us to make connections and continue to learn more about the food industry.

Overall, I had an amazing time at the CIFST conference! One thing I kept hearing was “I wish that there had been something like FoodGrads around when I was a student”.

I was able to attend the CIFST conference through my work as a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador. To learn more about how YOU can become a FoodGrads Campus Ambassador, click here.


(Image: Left to Right – Leah Brodovsky, Nicole Gallace, Veronica Hislop)

Author: Leah Brodovsky  is a Food Science student at the University of Guelph. She likes to run and try out new recipes in her free time.

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